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YMCA of Honolulu Mailers

Many of the pieces I worked on for the YMCA of Honolulu were not saved in my portfolio, so these mailers and emails are all I have to show. Having to design for YMCA of Honolulu was fun! We had to adhere to the national branding standards, but because Hawai’i is filled with lots of different ethnic backgrounds, SLD wanted to add a cultural twist to the design. In the mailers shown, SLD also helped coordinate and produce the photo shoots to obtain original photographs of local members. The emails were produced with Photoshop, coded with Dreamweaver, and mailed with Mailchimp. <em> Designed while at <a title=”Stacey Leong Design” href=”” target=”_blank”>Stacey Leong Design</a></em> <strong>Client</strong>: YMCA of Honolulu <strong>Art Direction</strong>: Stacey Mills and Karyn Lau <strong>Lessons/Skills/Programs</strong>: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop (lots of masking and correcting photographs), Dreamweaver, Mailchimp, Photo shoots and working with a photographer, Personalized mailers, personalized URLs (PURLs) and data acquisition, Type layout, Sending files to printer, Proofing, Press check at print shop,

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