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Featured Projects

Hulili Journal

Collection of essays submitted to the Kamehameha Schools and compiled into a book. The Hūlili Journal was one project I spent a lot of time on while at SLD. It was one of the projects that I would work independently on for weeks at a time, while also working on daily tasks and juggling other hot projects.

One process that’s important to typesetting a book is to read its content. I would spent hours reading and learning about this rich Hawaiian culture, highlighting everything that I’d need to typeset later on—like italicized Hawaiian words, or indented songs (mele). These books also included many charts and graphs that had to be redesigned to fit and match the book layout.

Designed while at Stacey Leong Design
Client: Kamemehameha Schools
Art Direction: Stacey Mills
Lessons/Skills/Programs: InDesign (lots and lots of character and paragraph styles), Illustrator (lots and lots of graphs) Proofreading, Sending files to printer

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